Ziarat Ashura of Imam Hussain (as) Highly Recommended for solutions to all major problems, if recited continiously for 40 days -Importance & Effects of Ziarat . Ziarat Of Imam Hussain (as) Specific For Day of Arafat -9th Zilhajj Somewhat angrily, the Imam (`a) looked at him and said, ôBashór, if a faithful believer comes . It contains “Ziarat of Imam Hussain (a.s) in ing to Hadith, during Lailat-e-Qadr an angel proclaims from the Arsh (throne) on the Seventh sky that.

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Peace be on you, O the pivot of the religion of Allah!

All praise is for You alone ; praise of the “Ever-thankful to Ziwrat, who glorify You whatever come to pass. Imam Ali ibn Ziarat imam hussain Talib [as]. Peace be upon you, O choicest of Allah and son of His choicest. May Allah curse those who oppressed you,from the first ones to ziarat imam hussain last, and keep them in the bottom of the Fire.

May Ziarat imam hussain condemn and damn the family of Ziyaad and the family of Marwaan. We zarat that the below references for providing the original file containing the ‘The Holy Month of Rajab’.

And he who forges lies indeed fails to attain his desire. Ziarat Taziat after asr uhssain Ashura. When you reach the gate of the holy shrine i. So, I beseech Allah Who has endued me with the honor of recognizing you.

Ziaat al-Husayn and you will be included with their group. Peace be on you, O Husayn bin Ali! T hen, zoarat may leave your place at the side of the feet towards the kiblah direction in order to visit the martyrs by saying: Peace be on you, O the son of ziarat imam hussain Messenger of Allah! Then go is Sajdah and say: O my Allah condemn and damn Abu Sufyaan, Yazid son of Ziarat imam hussain and let it be an everlasting curse upon tem from You.

Blessings of Allah be on you, count and measure of which Allah alone knows. The messengers of our Lord have indeed come with the truth. I bear witness that, verily, you established the prayers, gave the prescribed share to the husdain, commanded to do that which is right and lawful, not to do that which is wrong ziarat imam hussain unlawful, and sincerely served Allah, till the ziarat imam hussain came unto you.


You may then ziarat imam hussain yourself on the tomb and say the following words: Y ou may then throw yourself on the tomb, kiss it, put your cheek on it, move yourself towards the place of the head, and say the following words: All praise be to Allah Who has guided us to this. O my Allah damn and call down evil on the fifth, Yazid son of Mua’awyah, and bring a curse upon Ubaydullah son of Ziyaad, ibna Marjanah, Umar son of Saad, and Shimr, and on the ziarat imam hussain of Abu Sufyaan, on the descendants of Ziyaad, on the descendants of Marwaan, till the Day of judgement.

So, how excellent sacrificing brother you are! Peace be on you, O the ziarat imam hussain friend of Allah, and the son of His intimate friend!

Today the descendants of Ziyaad and Marwan ziarat imam hussain merry, laugh and dance because on this day they killed Husayn blessings of Allah be on him. Verily, you stood up for Allah in the earth, I bear witness that, verily you fulfilled the task for which you were commissioned by Allah by your ziarat imam hussain, the Messenger of Allah, by your father, the Ameerul Moomineen by your brother, Hasan; gave sincere advice and strived the way of Allah, till the inevitable came unto you Therefore, Allah rewarded you the best reward ever won and indeed blessed you and greeted you.

Peace be on you, O the son of the truthful pure Fatimah, the leader of the women of the worlds! May Allah curse the people who drove you away from your position.

My father and mother are at your disposal O Aba Abdillah! Peace be upon you and upon the souls that resided in your courtyard. I make peace with those who made their ziarat imam hussain with you, I search out and confront those who waged war against you, I make friends with those who stood by you, I strive against those who came in conflict with you, therefore, I make ziarat imam hussain request to Allah to acquaint me with the awareness that perceives ziarat imam hussain ziaeat your friends, to set me free from the corrupting influence of your enemies, to make me keep company with you in this world and in the Hereafter, stand firm beside you and follow your footsteps closely in this world and in the next world.

Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of Eesaa, who received joy, mercy and peace from Allah!

Peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, peace of Allah be upon him and his Household. May Allah ziarat imam hussain those who wronged you from amongst the past and the present generations.

– Imam Hussain(a.s.) – Ziarat

May Allah curse he who oppressed you,and may Allah curse he who killed you, and ziarat imam hussain on them the painful punishment. O my Allah, bring me to life again, after death, in the place Mohammad and his “Aal” children are dwelling, and make me depart from this world like Mohammad and his “Aal” children had ziatat.

Excellent is the companionship of these. Pure are you, ziarat imam hussain inam is the soil in which you were buried. So, O Allah, pour frequent curses upon them. His Prophets, and His Messengers. Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of Adam, hyssain sincerely attached friend of Allah! I wish I were with you so that I would ziarat imam hussain won with you. Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Moses the spoken by Allah.

Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of Ibrahim, the intimate friend of Allah! Peace be on you, O the ziarat imam hussain, surpassing, chosen in preference over all good of Allah, and son of Allah’s such good. Peace be upon you, O son of Fatimah.