VICIdial for Dummies F IRST & FREE EDITION Author: Deo Dax Sillero-Cordova I . Introduction First and foremost I would like to thank Matt Florel and the. Instructions for creating a Multiple-Server Vicidial Cluster using Vicibox or Vicibox “Vicidial Multi Server Ubuntu” which was published on the EFLO “Vicidial. VICIDIAL is a set of programs based on php and perl agi coding and is is used with the Asterisk. It gives good solutions for callcaneters based.

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General opinion seems to be that is due to the kernel version used by Ubuntu Just answer Y and those packages mentioned will be upgraded. Agent and called party vicixial converses, once a call is hung up, its then written to the call logs and then the web interface popups a disposition interface for the agent to dispose the call.

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We will be tackling vicudial and configuration from scratch using Ubuntu Server 8. Now we do an updaterc to make sure that the vicidial service starts on all levels: Also, this client will work over SSL connections https for encrypted communications with the server.

Users browsing this forum: VICIdial for Dummies I am grateful for this and all the help you have given me. Get the optimized ntp. If the dial hopper is not being populated try to set the Local Call Time to 24hours: Now save and your all set, you can type dig on the command line to check if your dns server is working, 4.

Dummiew cup of coffee or coke light or pepsi max — Youll be needing that also. Meetme uses a timing device, can be a digium or sangoma hardware or basically ztdummy which comes with Zaptel or Dahdi tools. I also purchased and read the manuals, they were really helpful, couldn’t manage without them.

Partion Disks Granting that this is your fummies few times to install linux I would recommend you do Guided — use entire disk, what this does is that it will destroy all the partitions on your hard drive and install dumies components in one root partition. Software Selection You will be prompted on what to install on your server, just choose OpenSSH server as you will need it to access your server remotely, we will be installing the others later. Again, you can only install one of them on 1 server.

How they work Now let me tell you how they work hand in hand, let us try to simulate an agent trying to login to the dialer for you to have a better understanding. Then we run the install. The default installation will attempt to configure your network using DHCP, which means it will attempt to look for a dhcp server to get an IP address, since I have a router which acts as a DHCP server it automatically had an ip address so in this case I will discuss on how to change your ip address statically once your finish installing.

And then if we need to view the recording folder from our webserver we need to set this in apache: Basically it will look like this: After you edit it: I wonder what this kind of software has to offer in BPO industry.

Getting the waitforsilence application: No licensing cost involved, what you will be paying for mostly will be the integration cost, training and custom development. Lets start off with downloading the components, this will be quite a long process since we will be doing some patching to make this asterisk version VICIdial compliant.

Again change all of them from 0 to 1 so you wont be having problems with permission. Just answer the questions during installation is this server a web server? After which do a network restart once you saved your changes in modifying the file.

Adding of a username It will prompt you for a username for your account. Installing ttyload Installing E-Accelerator A must if you are running on a single server setup Add the following lines as it appears on this screenshot: Choosing which hard drive dummles install You will be prompted on which hard drive to partition, so if you installed more than one hard drive please choose the appropriate hard drive to partion.

Territory Selection I selected Philippines because this will point to the nearest repository in the territory I selected. We have had astguiclient. Press enter until you get to webroot and set that to the following: Now your fro is up to date, next well be installing the rest of the components.

Now we need to do insert the area codes: The agent logs in through a web interface provided rummies the web server which is provided namely vicidial. Ubuntu 8 has depreciated What we need Here is what we need to get things started, I have written a happy list for you to follow, this setup is good for djmmies to 25 agents: Wiki Start page Index by title Vicidixl by date Sponsors. And lastly this document is not for sale, this can be downloaded freely.

Now lets get to the other part now which is preparing our installation. This will go on for a while, depending on the speed of your server. This was done so that it would be very scalable and flexible. Have you tried to compile an earlier version of zaptel instead of the “latest” to see if it will compile perhaps the same version that ships in VicidialNOW? As far as Business Process Outsourcing, MANY of them are already using it, but they try to hide the Vicidial name to avoid others finding out the “source” of this power.

The default install of VICIdial would usually output 9 screens. Question, was there dummise particular reason you decided to use asterisk 1.

VICIdial for Dummies –

Having issues now with my Vici 2. Once clicked you will be taken to its details which will look like this: After which click on apply which I already did then click on Ok to add it to your sip accounts. Then overwrite the existing my.