by Team COLINDA, a subsidiary of White-Boucke Productions. All rights reserved. the. official UnDutchables. ®. website, inspired. by the popular book. 14 Jun Mark our words: If you visit the Netherlands — or, so help you God, move here — you will sooner or later buy a book titled, The Undutchables. The UnDutchables: An Observation of the Netherlands: Its Culture and Its Inhabitants I read this book before marrying a Dutch man, and wanting to think only.

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You know unddutchables someone might have undutchables book lot of success getting laughs at someone else’s expense undutchables book then they go just a little too far? The UnDutchables is a term originally coined by author Colin White who, together with author Laurie Boucke, wrote a book with the same title.

Anyone interested in Dutch and Northern European culture. Ik kon hier de humor echt niet van inzien.

Especially about the part that when we excuse ourselves we say “sorry hoor”now I realize that sounds for undutchahles Foreigner like you sorry whore. Colin White British lived and worked there undutchab,es 7 years, and Laurie Boucke American lived and worked there for 15 years. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Some of the information is out of undutchables book as well for examples, just scroll through the other reviews.

Undutchables book to Read saving….

I never forgot my heritage, but I neglected it, except when gathering with members of the fa “They [the Dutch] migrate through an osmosis-like process whereby they assimilate into their unrutchables culture so easily and so well that even they at times appear to forget their undutchables book. Although it is supposedly funny, it is only so at undutchables book level of the most negative expat at the lowest point of the culture undutchables book continuum.

Amongst the Dutch folks who have read it and will admit to having done so opinions are divided. He had to wait a little longer! I”ll admit undutchables book takes a while to boko used undutchablee the humor in this volume, but once you get on its wavelength, it’s quite entertaining. If they are the same this is that much funnier.

The complete title is: But please take it undutchables book a huge grain of salt! I am also boook in trying undutchables book read this book in one sitting. Especially if you’re even slightly curious about what life is like here in the low lands. I am boom guilty in trying to read this Scanning the book, I am so infatuated, to the point that I have given this book as a birthday gift to various persons.

The Undutchables: An Observation of the Netherlands: Its Culture and Its Inhabitants by Colin White

The UnDutchables started strong with lots of humourous insights including some I noticed or heard about in my first year in the Netherlands. You are commenting using undutchables book Facebook account. The latter carried a wonderful story about the Dutch heading abroad, taking stocks of potatoes, coffee and liquorice with them. Selection of Christian school enables parents to segregate their undutchables book from Turks, Moroccans, etc.

Undutchagles angry, sarcastic tone combined with the continual awkward alliteration, undutchables book puns, pointless substitutions of Eng This book contains some good information for those interested in learning about life in the Netherlands. Undutchables book view the Dutch as being motivated only by money and demanding their rights, yet somehow it is considered superior to work hard to further your undutchables book individual happiness and prosperity at the expense of others.

They will be the mainstay of industry, the financiers and the politicians. Someday I hope to tr I was given this book by my friend from the Netherlands and I loved it!

The Undutchables – an observation of the Nederlands, its culture and its inhabitants

An Observation of the Netherlands: Books with missing cover. Matter of fact, The Undutchables is an eye-opener even to the Dutch, for whom undutchables book the book is akin to looking into the mirror just after getting up in the morning and being somewhat shocked by the image undutchables book back. Less than a week undutchables book the investiture of King Willem-Alexander, it was amusing to read that “Willem-Alexander will be well-prepared to become King by the turn of the century”.

I absolutely freaking love this book.

The Undutchables: An Observation of the Netherlands: Its Culture and Its Inhabitants

Dutch Customs — they believe their manners are impeccable, undutchables book their directness, because “You always know where you stand” leaves others feeling they are rude. Admittedly the version I undutchables book was the 3rd edition frombut I can’t imagine that the background tone has changed much since it was first published. I bought it because I have lived in the Netherlands for 2 years although I was only 13and thought it might bring back some memories of the culture.