1 New York Times bestseller Mike Lupica makes his return to the basketball court ! There’s a reason teammates call him “True.” Because for basketball. 27 Feb True Legend By: MIke Lupica Major Characters: Drew “True” Robinson- Drew Robinson is a high school basketball superstar who plays for. 27 Sep Review. True Legend. by Mike Lupica. From the time he is old enough to hold a basketball and shoot hoops with older kids in his New York City.

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I am not, after all, in his target demographic. Drew says he is writing it about the man in the park and lupida “playground legends” like the man. Like Donald, most characters function equally well as symbols and as people: But Drew doesn’t follow that until he realizes that he needs to make a change before it is I rated this book 5 of 5 because it is a really good book that has good theme and really shows how the game of basketball is.

The characters in this book are easily relatable due to their adversity they have to overcome to grow as an individual. Only he didn’t throw it down right away. In this age of street agents promising riches to kids barely out of elementary school and college programs being taken down because of recruiting violations, True Legend is a resonant and inspiring novel in the Lupica tradition. Yrue you were a good player looking for a game, you went to Shoup Park over in Woodland Hills.

Park who is the best team in the league and has won the last so many years. There’s a reason teammates call him “True. On the other hand, it is accessible and clean. Oct 23, Christopher Almaguer rated it it was amazing. Drew Robinson is trying to be the best and get a championship.

Legend taught Drew how to be a team player and not be cocky. My favorite part of the book occurred in the end when True attended Lee’s and “Legend’s” the crippled playground basketball player high school graduation. Drew started looking towards his future career instead of at his team and their goals. Donald agrees to Drew’s offer and they become friends. He told him so much about not investing in all of the hype, that Drew begins to think that this man once made that mistake himself.

Lately Drew hasn’t exactly been focused much on his grades, and he is getting some grief about it from his mother and his counselor. Gilbert would give Drew anything and everything he wanted because of how good Drew was, and he knew when Drew made the pros he could be as agent. The person that he saw in the park was at the game, and Drew could tell that he was disappointed in the play he made.


Even with all of this money and attention, Drew still went to the old run down courts near his house late at night to ball or just relax. His games are even being televised on ESPN because people want to see his caliber.

After the next game Drew comes clean and tells the truth about who was driving the Maserati that lupjca. In fact, he was being very critical of Drew.

True Legend

Drew had to tell his coach the truth about the car incident. He could come here when Morrison had oegend out and remember, every single time, why he’d loved playing ball so much in the first place.

The setting of the book being in California added an aspect of business involved in high school sports. He tries to remind them that college isn’t really his goal; it’s just a stepping stone to his pro career. Donald kept seeing Drew more he opened up.

The two teams would meet up again in lupuca playoffs, and this time Drew played with the team instead of having another one on one against King. There was nothing fancy about this park. Lee was going to get suspended, but Drew came in and told coach that he was the one who was speeding.

I don’t think this book would be very good for girls because the main characters are mostly guys. I also loved how well the author used imagery in every ljpica. This man is a symbol and represents what Drew’s life mighe end up like if he doesn’t pursue his dreams and continues his path. His teacher told Drew and Lee to go back and get Donald and bring him in.

He got suspended for two games, and would be back right before the championship game. Drew is slacking off of all his papers and reports and uses one of his teammates to do it all for him.

Together they discover that the man’s name is Donald “Urban Legend” Sellers but they come across something unexpected. Lee is suspended by the coach for the rest of the regular season. Drew meets a girl named Callie Mason, who he really likes. Drew moved to New York with his mom all because of a man named Mr. Recommendation I would recommend this book to anyone who loves basketball.

True Legend by: Mike Lupica by Kyle Jeffers on Prezi

Later that day his new friend, Urban Legend Lupicca finally got his high school diploma. Personal Response I thought that this book was just shy of getting five stars. True Legend by Mike Lupica. Although Drew was such a great athlete, he was still almost cut from the team because academics come first. When he answered he asked a lot of questions including what his full name is. Drew could feel legens this was the same man he had talked to.

His mom is upset and tries to lead him back down the right path but Drew won’t listen to her.

He was living in California with his mother, after moving from his old, run-down house in New York. Lipica guy was six three or six four, easy. I recommend this book to basketball players and fans. Park beats Oakley during the regular season twice, one with Drew and one while Drew was out for a suspension.