The Soul of a New Machine has ratings and reviews. Paul said: I can’t believe this is not required reading for a computer architecture course!. The Soul of a New Machine endures as the classic chronicle of the computer age and the masterminds behind its technological advances. Tracy Kidder, The Soul of a New Machine. SUZANNE MOON. CLASSICS REVISITED. The Soul of a New Machine differs from most other books revisited in .

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An engineer signing up for a project agrees to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the project succeeds. As so many other reviewers have mentioned, the highlight of the book is the team and interpersonal dynamics–human drama that can be found in pressure cooker development environments today.

The way he described Carl really captured a lot about him, giving credibility to everything else machne the book.

The technical side of designing a new computer is just one part of this book. As the project moves into the heat of summer, the air conditioning breaks, turning their teacy basement office into a sweltering oven, which they can’t even leave the door open for, for security reasons.

Books You Should Read: The Soul of A New Machine

While it is so much of its era – maybe the bronze age of the computer Hold on to your hats, kids! The difference is that this machin was put down in words everyone can understand and relate to. That’s what West and his team of engineers were looking for, I think.

It did mainly bookkeeping and math, by rote procedures, and it did them far more quickly than they had ever been done before. Other companies did not have to invent competitors and did somewhat more of their contending externally.

Get Started Already have an account? It is remarkable both as a historical account, and also for how relevant it is today.

Minicomputers chugged along until the s when microprocessor-based PCs and workstations passed them by. Kiddeg starts the story by introducing the main character, Tom West, an enigmatic man on a boat off the East Coast with a group of strangers as they sail the sea.

It is a testament to Tracy Kidder’s skills as a writer that I found a book of ancient computer engineering to be a compelling read. Hard to believe that it’s coming up for 35 years since the events in this book took place.

I guess you could interpret that as saying tech pubs people write fiction. Some enthusiasts have declared that the small inexpensive computer inaugurated a new phase of this upheaval, which would make computers instruments tracy kidder the soul of a new machine egalitarianism.

I’d say this is a must-read for anyone in the tech industry and a highly recommended read even for those outside of it. Very interesting on many levels.

The mental and emotional stress that becomes the engineer’s life, the almost fraternity-like antics that take place to lessen that stress, and the demands of producing a functioning and profitable machine dominate the realities described in the book.

This was the award for General Nonfiction hardcover during a period in National Book Awards history when there were many nonfiction subcategories. I’d recommend this book to anyone that enjoys computer history.

Books You Should Read: The Soul of A New Machine | Hackaday

The Soul of A New Machine is an engineers soap opera following a rag-tag team of neophytes driven by their own Captain Ahab to build a revolutionary bit computer for the now-defunct Data General in the late s.

He breaks down the complex technical nature of the task through a series of straightforward analogies and by doing so tracy kidder the soul of a new machine The Soul of A New Machine is an engineers soap opera following a rag-tag team of neophytes driven by their own Captain Ahab to build a revolutionary bit computer for the now-defunct Data General in the late s. They allowed the Eagle team to make changes quickly — without pulling out their wire wrapping tools.

Meanwhile at the corporate headquarters at Westborough, Massachusettsthe few remaining senior designers there are assigned the much more humble job of improving Data General’s existing products. About five years later in I joined a start up company and was in a cubicle about five feet away from the office of Carl Alsing.

Today, more than 30 years later, minicomputers are all but forgotten. I think it had a RamTek frame buffer the display. Many readers may find it difficult to understand why the tracy kidder the soul of a new machine took on such a challenge, but there are a few who will recognize the thrill of pinball and understand the siren song of working in difficult environments on challenges that might be near impossible to achieve.

I’ve designed an operating system. On a personal note, to me, it captures the essence of computers tracy kidder the soul of a new machine the people who make them. You are commenting using your WordPress. Many of the ex-FHP folks were still around. Plus, because they’re salaried, despite all the hours they get that would be overtime, they’re only making their standard pay grade.

Data General’s computer was not revolutionary like Apple’s, but that is not really what this book is about. In summary, the book is a high resolution snapshot of the early days of the computer industry, before the internet started to permeate our lives in subtle ways – computerized tax processing, credit cards, ATM machines, and so on, leading up to the more overt ways it would later find its way in – Bulletin Board Services, E-Mail, and finally, proper web pages. Often, employees at Data General observe that the company brings in a lot of new fresh recruits, and few stay at the company after they turn It was nice that Tracy seemed to learn enough about the whole process, the technology and the project, that he really understood what was going on.

Aug 24, Josh Davis rated it it was amazing Shelves: Chronicling a software startup or the creation of a large service at a big company in the same way tracy kidder the soul of a new machine be a riveting read given the advancement of tech. Data General itself is long gone, purchased by EMC in Jun 18, Ben rated it liked it. It is a fascinating insight into the inner workings of the computer industry – a field which affects all our lives and yet is somewhat opaque. DEC’s management did turn down a new design of de Castro’s, and afterward, along with a man from another company named Herb Richman, de Castro and the two other engineers from Digital incorporated Data General and started building their own minicomputer.

Tom West practices the ” Mushroom Theory of Management ” — “keeping them in the dark, feeding them shit, and watch them grow. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.