3 Dec Van Diepen (Street Pharm) gives readers a close-up look at the explosive world of youth gangs in this mostly convincing novel. At narrator. 21 Apr Review: Snitch by Allison van Diepen moves. I sped right through it because it was so engaging and well-paced. The plot twists and characters. 2 Jan Eric’s back story, which is hidden from Julia for most of the story, adds both a wonderful twist to the story and additional depth to van Diepen’s.

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Sep 12, Steven Finnell rated it really liked it. It is a surprising good read and one that already has a waiting list in my classroom. By Allison van Diepen. Unfortunately – and of course – Shitch too snitch by allison van diepen to be true. She joins the crips after she snitches to Eric that the Bloods are going to jump him; when her ex friend Maria RLB Member Jumps her in the girls locker room.

Snitch by allison van diepen can learn allot from reading this book. Alilson for a particular type of book? Search Our Books Keywords: Explore the entire Star Trek book collection, apps and more. The moment he came into her life everything changed and I didn’t agree with Julia’s decisions at that point.

Mar 04, Brittany rated it really liked it. The details in Snitch are so unlike what my life is like, but Im sure there are people who will be able to relate to some of the situations.

Julia was sent to the hospital and when she returned home and to school she realized she was snnitch alone. We have all sorts of YABC snitch by allison van diepen for snitcj website.

You never snitch by allison van diepen got to know that person like you should. Oct 30, Mikael rated it did not like it. As everybody watched, I picked up my books and stalked out. Life was so much easier without the drama and troubles that joining a gang inevitably brought. I like the original better than the remakes, well at least the books.

And is a book you will never want to put down. The book has so much drama!

Snitch by: Allison van Diepen by courtney murray on Prezi

I hoisted my arms to protect my head. Editor reviews 1 reviews. So, Brooklyn isn’t all gun shootings and gangs, just want to make snitch by allison van diepen clear: I wouldnt necessarily recommend this novel to younger teens because there is some heavier subject matter than most teen books, but thats up to your discretion.

I did that night. It was a good book honestly just a lot of twist and disappointments.

Friendships will be tested and sides will have to be taken This site was developed by Andrew Osborne. Each day someone got jumped, or attacked on school grounds. They assaulted Julia in the changing room after P.

See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. The one thing I would have never expected was her joining the crips and actually living it up. To view it, click here. snitch by allison van diepen

Snitch by Allison Van Diepen

She has this strong will and great determination. Scrap sub character “Black Chuck” Sub character younger brother of Scrap Black chuck is Julia’s best friend he was there for Julia ever since they were kids. The book was so addictive, powerful and full of exciting and intriguing parts. Log in now or Create an account.

I quickly learned that the storyline was snitch by allison van diepen addictive where I literally finished the book in one day! They went to a party that weekend. It is relatable to kids and young adults our age, however it also throws new aspects of the world into it as well. But one night at a club, she hears that a rival gang is going to jump Eric. The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle. Does anybody know what the silver thing on the cover is?

I wasn’t totally committed, but kept reading to finish.

Van Diepens writing will have readers empathizing with Julia and the difficulties she faces. Wolf is starting his first year of teaching fourth grade.