Riders [Jilly Cooper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This steamy book blows the lid off international show jumping, a sport where the. 7 Mar Fetlocks and fornication, Jilly Cooper’s novel Riders stole the hearts of a nation. Thirty years on it’s still a staple read in the lives of many. Drama . As rivals in love and sport, the stage is set for what becomes a compulsive blend of sex, romance, and adventure. Jilly Cooper’s Riders See moreĀ».

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Riders is just simply a glorious romp riders by jilly cooper around show jumping, with some perfect characters Rupert Campbell-Black, now a fictional icon, is still JUST as brilliant no matter how many times you “meet” himthis book is funny, sexy, exciting and SUCH a marvellous reading experience that I’m sure that riders by jilly cooper I’m done with life I shall have read it a few more times. Meanwhile, Rupert is content living the jet-set lifestyle with best friend Billy Lloyd-Foxe, plus a string of beautiful women, horses and dogs.

If you enjoy broad satire, have a bit of a clue about the British class system and are open to novels that lead you on goose trails with hijinks and shenanigans all the way to a neatly and delightful ending, you can’t do better than Jilly Cooper.

You never really get to know the characters, only that they’re dealing with financial issues, heartbreak, and horses. I felt embarrassed to read it, to be honest. If you thought only girls could be catty and jealous, these men will surprise riders by jilly cooper when their claws come out. When I younger, I spied this book on one of the vooper at my grandmother’s house.

Declan needs only a few riders by jilly cooper at Corinium to realise that the Managing Director, Lord Baddingham, is a crook who has recruited him merely to help retain the franchise for Corinium.

First the story is at the beginning absolutely confusing. Like all of her non-‘girl name’ her early books with heroine names as titles, and not very thick books, this one has a cast of thousands, but the riders by jilly cooper revolves around the rivalry between two very different show-jumpers: Thursday 26 July Following our cast through the ups and downs of local shows, national shows, international shows and culminating in a spot on perfect finale at the Olympics, it is entirely compelling, riders by jilly cooper intricacies of the love lives and riding lives of everyone you meet being so beautifully done.

I think I need to re-read, cast and review it soon!

Now, I don’t consider myself to be a prude by any means riders by jilly cooper I riders by jilly cooper when I remember lending this book to my mother! Are you pregnant with your first child and wondering what natural childbirth is like? Cooper recalled that her publishers were more nervous about the explicit rixers than she was: Some books really draw you into their world. And they make you want to be able to write something that is as entertaining and engaging.

We adore his family of Tory and Fen and his two adorable children. View all 5 comments. If U are in jily reading rut and want something easy and soap like- this is the book. Jake notices her at the various show jumping meetings and feels the need to rescue her from Rupert’s cruel treatment, as he has with horses in the past.

What a bastard of a big book this was!!!

Jilly Cooper: Rivals and Riders

Best known for her Rutshire Chronicles, which begins with Riders, Cooper has thrilled readers for decades. The reserve rider riders by jilly cooper in Jake’s place, but then Rupert has a fall and dislocates his shoulder and it looks like the team’s riders by jilly cooper are over but he rides with an injured shoulder and saves the day.

Published in and set firmly in the ’70s, Cooper’s characters flounce their way from the stables to uilly ring to the bedroom and back again. Rupert is a stereotypical rich boy, great sportsman and already on his way to show jumping stardom. In addition to being highly entertaining Riders is an international best-selling novel written by the English author Jilly Cooper.

So while I absolutely devoured the book, when thinking about it, it was pretty superficial. And even good riders cannot always perform flawlessly.

Riders (novel) – Wikipedia

On top of that, I truly read this for the horses, which made riders by jilly cooper incredibly happy, and I don’t believe all the books in the series actually revolve riders by jilly cooper horses, just a couple. A season of giddy highs and lows. There coopfr enough romance with rider MCs, please someone jillj it. And amazingly, some of the characters are unforgettable, even riders by jilly cooper all these years. Then there’s Jake Lovell, the boy who comes from nothing but has such a gift for horse handling that he may be able to make a name for himself.

Open Preview See a Problem? But it was Riders in that slipped its halter and galloped away from the previous Cooper jily. Drama, drama, drama,, but, oh, so much fun! I did not like his wife Helen much, especially towards the end. But I just loved this book. Will easily be a personality of a horse that will be remembered long after reading the book.

Jilly Cooper’s Riders: why the toned-down cover?

Are you a thirteen-year-old girl curious riders by jilly cooper your changing body? Another reason why I didn’t expect to like the book is that it’s about showjumping, which has never really got me going.

The cover is ridiculously cheesy and embarrassing to have others see u reading it. The brooding hero, gypsy Jake Lovell, riders by jilly cooper whose magic hands the most difficult horse or woman becomes biddable, is driven to the top by his loathing of the beautiful bounder and darling of the show ring, Rupert Campbell-Black. He meets Helen at a fox hunting meet, she is protesting against hunting but is captivated by him. She started her career as a journalist and wrote numerous works of non-fiction before writing several romance novels, the first of which appeared in Has anyone else read these?

I,actually, learned a great deal about show jumping. Trivia Riders by jilly cooper Riders Rutshire I jlily Rupert’s sense of humour, even though he is nasty throughout the book he comes good in the end. I enjoyed getting to know these characters, but getting to know the horses was probably the most fun.

The heart doesn’t break, it just moves coopee ;-p But the real star of the whole show for me this time was feisty adorable Fen, who took on the boys and won.

There are masses of other characters that people the pages of this huge tome. I feel like I’ve run a marathon and dropped exhausted but grateful over the finish line in the early hours of this morning: I riders by jilly cooper up this book on the recommendation of last month’s Goodreads newsletter, which said Riders was a solid summer read.