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Fall protection 1 An employer must ensure that a worker sfandard from a portable ladder from which the worker may fall 3 metres or more uses a personal fall arrest system. Alcohol and Drug Use wtandard Abuse. Portable Ladders Prohibition 1 A worker must not perform work from either of the top two rungs, steps or cleats of a portable ladder unless the manufacturer s specifications allow the worker to do so.

Prohibition on painting 1 Subject to subsection 2a person must not paint a wooden ladder.

Ladders on extending booms 1 An employer must ensure that a if a ladder is a permanent part of an extending boom on powered mobile equipment, no worker is on the ladder during the articulation, extension or retraction of the boom, and b if outriggers are incorporated in the equipment to provide stability, no worker climbs the ladder until the outriggers are deployed.

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Working from a ladder shandard An employer must ensure that no worker performs work from a ladder that is used to give access to the working levels of a scaffold. Sabrina Zerar Jul 26, Female Monsters in Kabyle Myths and Folktales: December Chris Cunnane, Sahir Anand. Use near energized electrical equipment An employer must ensure that a ladder used during the servicing of energized or potentially energized electrical equipment is made of nonconductive material.

Constructed portable ladder 1 An employer must ensure that a constructed portable ladder a is constructed of lumber that is free of loose knots or knot holes, b with a length of 5 metres or less has side rails constructed of lumber measuring not less than 38 millimetres by 89 millimetres, c more than 5 metres long has side rails constructed of lumber measuring not less than 38 millimetres by millimetres, d has side rails that are not notched, dapped, tapered or spliced, e has side rails at least millimetres apart at the bottom, and f has rungs that are i constructed of lumber measuring not less than 21 millimetres by 89 millimetres, ii held by filler blocks or secured by a single continuous wire, and iii uniformly spaced at a centre to centre distance of millimetres to millimetres.

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Rest platform exemption If each worker working on a drilling rig or service rig on a fixed ladder is equipped with and wears a climb assist device that complies with the manufacturer s specifications or specifications certified by a professional engineer, an employer is not required to a provide the ladder with rest platforms, or b have the side rails extend not less than millimetres above the point at which the workers get on or off.

October Process Industry Practices Structural. Please download to get full document.

Crawl Pi; or Roof Ladder Safe use An employer must ensure that a crawl board or roof ladder used for roof work a is securely fastened stanrard hooking the board or ladder over the ridge of the roof or by another equally effective means, and b is not supported by an eaves trough. Fixed ladders in manholes Despite sectionfixed ladders used in pre-cast reinforced concrete manhole sections installed on or after July1, must meet the requirements of ASTM Standard C, Standard Specification for Reinforced Concrete Manhole Sections.

Securing and positioning A worker must ensure that a a portable ladder is secured against movement and placed on a base that is stable, b the base of an inclined portable ladder is no further from the base of the wall or structure than one-quarter of the distance between the base of the ladder and the place where the ladder contacts the wall, and c the side rails of a portable ladder extend at least 1 metre above a platform, landing or parapet if the ladder is used as a means of access to the platform, landing or parapet.

Prohibition on single rail Stf0501 person must not make a ladder by fastening cleats across a single rail or post. Thank you for visiting our website and your interest stf0501 our free products and services. Ladderjack scaffolds 1 An employer must ensure that ladders used for ladderjack scaffolds are a erected in accordance with the manufacturer s specifications, or b if there are no manufacturer s specifications, are not more than 3 metres apart.

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