10 Jan Treason by Lysander Spooner · No. 1.→ Spooner issued three pamphlets carrying the title of No Treason, numbered 1, II, and VI. Spooner. No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority [Lysander Spooner] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. But whether the Constitution really be . It has no authority or obligation at all, unless as a contract between man and man . . No Treason (Dodo Press) Lysander Spooner Best Price: $ Buy New.

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The constitution not only binds nobody now, but it never did bind anybody. As a necessary consequence, those who stand ready to furnish this money, are the real rulers. They are obliged to be, for they know that their own power, as rulers, so-called, no treason lysander spooner at an end, the moment their credit with no treason lysander spooner blood-money loan-mongers fails.

Spooner’s logic is lysamder and deals with many of the nuances of voting for a document and agents congressmen etc. He has the same right to resist them, and their agents, that he has to resist any other trespassers.

Of the one-sixth that are permitted to vote, probably not more than two-thirds about one-ninth of the whole population have usually voted. Retrieved from ” https: They say they are only our servants, agents, attorneys, and representatives. Section 4 then restates no treason lysander spooner question “What is implied in a government resting lusander consent?

No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

The first and second numbers of this series were published in He is non the less a robber, tyrant, and murderer, because he claims to act as their agent, than he would be if he avowedly acted on his own responsibility alone.

When these traitors shall have thus been taught our strength and our determination, they will be good loyal citizens for many years, and pay their taxes without a no treason lysander spooner or a wherefore. They may, with more reason, be supposed to have voted, not to support the Constitution, but specially to prevent the tyranny which they anticipate the successful candidate intends to practice upon them under color of the Constitution; and therefore may reasonably be supposed to have voted against the Constitution itself.

On the contrary, it is to be considered that, in an exigency into which he had no treason lysander spooner forced by others, and in which no other means of self-defense offered, he, as a matter of no treason lysander spooner, used the only one that was left to him.

But being, nevertheless, individually unknown to me, and having no open, authentic contract with me, my oath is, on general principles of law and reason, of no validity as a pledge of faith to them. The gross number of these secret votes, or what purports to be their no treason lysander spooner number, in different localities, is occasionally published.

Their real or pretended representatives, who contracted these debts in their name, were selected if selected at all for that purpose secretly by secret ballotand in a way to furnish evidence against none of the principals treaaon ; and these principals were really known individually neither to their pretended representatives who contracted these debts in their behalf, nor to those who lent the money.

Subject us to their arbitrary dominion? My oath was given to others, with whom you have no treason lysander spooner to do; lysandeg it was idle wind, spoonrr only to the idle winds. All the voting that has ever taken place under the Constitution, has been of such a kind that it not only did not pledge the whole people to support the Constitution, but it did not even pledge any one of them to do so, as the following considerations show. No treason lysander spooner no man, or body of men, could pledge it for him, without his consent; and no man, or body of men, have any right no treason lysander spooner presume it against him, when he has not pledged it, himself.

Taxes, Lysander states, cannot be claimed as proof of consent, because they are compulsory, therefore not consensual. And they are personally as much unknown to the agents they select, as they are to others.

No Treason – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 28 Juneat The fact that they had designated me secretly, and in a manner to prevent my knowing them individually, prevents all privity between no treason lysander spooner and me; and consequently makes it impossible that there can be any contract, or pledge of faith, on my part towards them; for it is impossible that I can pledge my faith, in any legal sense, to a man whom I neither treasson, nor have any means of knowing, individually.

I am under no obligation to take his word as to who his principals may be, or whether he has any. There no treason lysander spooner at least two cases in which one can reasonably be considered to accede to the social contract.

Either “taxation without consent is robbery,” or it is not.

No Treason, Vol. VI.: The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner

In Spooner produced the first edition of The Unconstitutionality of Slavery lyasnder, which Lewis Perry described as “influential” and “the most trsason antislavery analysis of the Constitution.

The other is when a naturalized citizen recites his pledge of allegiance. You promised me that you would do so; and now you have forfeited the oath you gave to me. They are necessarily given to nobody; because there is no open, authentic association, to which no treason lysander spooner can join themselves; or to whom, as individuals, they can pledge their faith. This, and only this: If any number of men, many or few, claim the right lysaneer govern the people of this no treason lysander spooner, let them make and sign an open compact with each other to do so.

They could have bound nobody that should have come after them, and no property subsequently created by, or belonging to, other persons. no treason lysander spooner

Or, if we lend this sum to the emperor of Austria, it will enable him to murder so many of his people as to strike terror into the rest, and thus enable him to keep them in subjection, and extort money from them, for twenty or fifty years to come.

And we professed to look with pity and contempt upon those ignorant, superstitious, and enslaved peoples of Europe, no treason lysander spooner were so easily kept in subjection by the frauds no treason lysander spooner force of priests and kings.

It is clearly impossible to have any legal proof of the intentions of large numbers of no treason lysander spooner, where there can be no legal proof of the intentions of any particular one of them. It utterly fails to prove that the government rests upon the voluntary support of anybody. Plainly the reason for absurd and inconsistent conduct is that they want the Constitution, not solely for any honest or legitimate use it can be of to themselves or others, but for the dishonest and illegitimate power it gives them over the persons and properties of no treason lysander spooner.

Spooner argued that merely living in a certain geographic area under control of a government, or voting in government elections, in no way implied one’s consent to the government of that territory. If they own us as property, they are our masters, and their will is our law. And since no such corporation can be proved to exist, it cannot of course be proved that the oaths of Southern men were given to any such no treason lysander spooner.

So when a man says he is planting a tree for himself and his posterity, he does not mean to be understood as saying that he has any thought of compelling them, nor is it to be inferred that he is such a simpleton as to imagine that he has any right or power to compel them, to eat the fruit. Only one of Spooner’s major arguments holds true in my opinion: Plainly the reason for absurd and inconsistent conduct is that they want the No treason lysander spooner, not solely for any honest or legitimate use it can be of to themselves or others, but for the dishonest and illegitimate power no treason lysander spooner gives them over the persons and properties of others.

What happens to the people who do not believe in the ideals that established the United States? That being said, it is well worth your time engaging with this book.

No one can come forward and say to him: The question of treason no treason lysander spooner distinct from that no treason lysander spooner slavery; and is the same that it would have been, if free States, instead of slave States, had seceded. It is under such compulsion as this that taxes, so called, are paid. In fact, they do not propose to pay their debts otherwise than from the proceeds of their future robberies and murders. He makes a good comparison between a highwayman looter and the government in saying that atleast a highwayman doesn’t try to make you think he’s there to protect you, unlike our beloved government.

Even though this was written during the civil war era, Spooner lays out a clear argument in this work of literature no treason lysander spooner will definitely have you questioning authority. That is to say, there is not the slightest probability that there is a single man in the country, who both understands what the Constitution really is, and sincerely supports it for what it really is.