View and Download MSR WHISPERLITE instruction manual online. WHISPERLITE Stove pdf manual download. MSR® Stove FAQ. The information presented here is intended to be a supplement to your stove’s instruction manual. Please refer to the manual when.

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If you use this stove in an enclosed area you can be killed or seriously burned. Old fuel will clog fuel lines and should be avoided.

Fuel Name Translation Available white gas shellite yes kerosene kerosene yes diesel diesel yes automobile gas petrol yes mineral spirits white spirits yes aviation AV gas AV gas, jet al msr whisperlite manual.

White Gas for optimal performance. No, the larger diameter generator tube on a WhisperLite Internationale stove will not fit through the slot on the WhisperLite flame reflector. By law, a warning is required unless the business proves that the exposure to the chemical poses “no msr whisperlite manual risk.

The most common one is that the jet is clogged. It may also be that the fuel you are using is old.

Stoves FAQ | MSR

Crown and Camplite also make white gas. If clogging persists, repeat flushing process. To install a msr whisperlite manual filter, place the filter on a hard surface such as a table top, push the fuel tube adapter straight down onto the filter so that the filter is inserted flush with the end of the fuel tube adapter.

If unscuccessful, remove jet and clean, then hold the jet up and look through hole to make sure it is clear, crisp, and round. X Thank you for signing up. Camping fuel white gas is sold in a variety of places worldwide.

The “no significant risk” level for reproductive toxicants is defined as the level of exposure which, even if multiplied by 1, will not produce birth msr whisperlite manual or other reproductive harm. Are there videos showing stove use and maintenance?

It is important to lubricate the fuel line in order to protect the tube o-ring. Each airline has different msr whisperlite manual regarding the transportation of camping stoves. Please refer to the manual when performing any of the cleaning procedures msr whisperlite manual on our web site. For these fuels prime your stove as described in the instructions.

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While stove is lit, adjust output several times through full range of flame. You will see some steam as the whisprelite liquid vaporizes. What are the requirements of Proposition 65?

Carrying flammable fuel on passenger aircraft in carry-on or checked luggage is forbidden. A Proposition 65 warning means that the business has evaluated the exposure and has concluded that it exceeds the “no msr whisperlite manual risk level,” or that the business msr whisperlite manual providing a warning based on the presence of a “listed” chemical without actually evaluating the exposure.

The list is updated annually and includes chemicals that can be found in solvents, drugs, dyes, food additives, by-products of certain processes, pesticides, and tobacco products. If you expose the fuel bottle to.

It is the highest quality fuel available for your stove. Over time, white gas degrades. Environmental Protection Agency, Msr whisperlite manual. Do not grip the cable itself as this might result in fraying. Following the stove instructions, remove the Fuel Line whissperlite the Burner Assembly.

Keep children at least 10 feet 3 m away from msr whisperlite manual frequent Jet and Fuel Line cleanings. What is California Proposition 65? A frayed cable can damage the Fuel Tube O-ring when connecting the stove with the pump; damaged O-rings can result in a dangerous fuel leaks, fire and personal injury.

If you can’t find fuel in an outdoor store, try a gas station or hardware store. Let msr whisperlite manual Fuel Line soak for a short time; after mst, refer to your stove instructions for Cleaning the Jet and Fuel Line. Never use this stove in msr whisperlite manual tent, vestibule.

Two or three flushing cycles are often required to completely clean out deposits. This stove consumes oxygen and pro. Check for the latest regulations on the TSA website.


Oversized cookware can overheat the fuel bottle. Carefully pry the filter out and discard it. The UK Jet is for Kerosene. Here is our current list of available manual and schematic downloads.