The origin of the Direct Laryngoscopy Video System. Our video system is considered the best practice for laryngoscopy, intubation, oxygenation, and surgical. The latest Tweets from Richard Levitan (@airwaycam). Airway obsessed ED doc passionate about larynx and mountains. Live free or die there are greater evils. Overall goals and objectives: 1. Review airway anatomy pertinent to mask ventilation, supraglottic airways, laryngoscopy, and intubation. 2.

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Intubating patients in reverse trendelenberg will make gravity work in your favor. The bougie should be your best friend in the emergency department!

Own the Airway!

Advanced Airway Management for the Emergency Physician from reuben strayer. Levitan also promotes sitting up the obese patient, such that the ears and the anterior chest wall are on the same horizontal plane. Levitan is pretty amazing. To find midline, gently palpating the lateral borders of the thyroid cartilage and rocking levitann thyroid cartilage back and forth may be helpful.

Airway Management with Rich Levitan

This post contains some truly awesome educational resources. Subscribe to our email list to levvitan informed on all of the Resuscitation and Critical Care goodness. Had the opportunity to put into practice some of the info Dr. There are certainly situations where awake intubation may improve safety i. Thanks for hosting it. The best lecture on Airway Management—Ever?

Keep up the good work! Play in new window Download EP Monthly Dec 9, Most of the time, this is due to the tube catching on the anterior tracheal rings.

Anesthesiology, 5PMID: Here is an hour long lecture he delivered last month at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. While you wait for help aireay arrive, your options include percutaneous needle cricothrotomy as demonstrated by Andrew Heard:.

Levitan pointed out that there are different designs of the MAC4 blade, with wide variation in the size of the base. American-style MAC4 blades have an enormous levian which limits maneuverability, whereas German blades have a smaller flange which is less likely to get caught on the teeth see below.

Bend your stylet to the correct shape. Will implement from now on. Both- T and Reverse T can ‘theoretically’ prevent lfvitan. Rich Levitan is one of the best teachers on the skills of laryngoscopy—or as he would probably levutan it, epiglottoscopy.

For more information see this video by Dr. Vomit can convert an easy airway into a very challenging airway by impairing just about any method of intubation. Josh is the creator of PulmCrit.

Thus, it’s useful to have a pre-planned approach about how to optimize laryngeal exposure. Intubation – the procedure – First10EM. It is surely one of the best airway lectures I have ever heard. Procedure Videos for Emergency Medicine. Thanks Richard and Scott, that was a truly incredible lecture.

The Glidescope has recently developed a standard geometry blade, and other products are on the horizon as well. When a Grade IV view is encountered, the natural reaction is to panic.

I find this to be a useful manoeuvre, if you have the courage to really do it- the very heavy patient will be almost sitting upright! Has anyone actually intubated a patient in a head down position- never have given that it would make intubating conditions worse in my opinion and seems as though the purpose of intubation is to intubate the patient while minimizing aspiration with RSI, which I think T would worsen my first chance success.

This was a great lecture — thank you — infinitely more useful than most training sessions. Published on April 1, Thanks Scott for the video and handout.

There is a greater risk of vomiting, and laryngeal exposure is more difficult. Still the best airway lecture ever. However, Levitan has persuaded me that the standard-geometry blade with video capability is the best way to go for most cases, since this combines the power of direct laryngoscopy with video laryngoscopy in a single tool. Racine SX, et al Here is an open cricothyroidotomy a la Scott Weingart:.

Proc Bayl Univ Med Cent. Using a high dose of rocuronium and waiting at least 60 seconds may add some safeguards against intubating before the patient is fully paralyzed. Again excellent practical material for us EMS providers, the occasional intubators or should I say epiglottoscopists to put into practice.

It’s commonly taught that it’s easier to err on the side of a longer blade i.