Outdoor- Knotenfibel. Die 70 wichtigsten Knoten step-by-step. [Peter Owen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Knotenkunde – Knotenfibel für Outdoor-Aktivitäten – Wikibooks, Sammlung freier Lehr-, Sach- und Fachbücher. Außergewöhnlich großes Exemplar der Gattung der Knotenfibeln, die auf das Mittellatène-schema zurückgeht. Auf dem umgeschlagenen Fuß fünf.

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The bow is decorated with a floral knotenfibel scroll pattern formed by tiny punch marks. The spring-cover and bow only. Spring fragment with knotenfibel iron axial bar. The Puckeridge-Braughing figures are used here for a simple direct comparison with Elms Farm.

Either side of the ridge are cavetto mouldings. knotenfibel

Objects of personal adornment and dress (Finds Function 1)

Copper alloy, with applied silver wire and silver foil. The distribution centres on the kingdom of Cunobelin, but knohenfibel a good cluster at Silchester, and extending north to Lincolnshire knotenfibel west to Dorset and Gloucestershire. Part of knotenfivel cover knotenfibel missing, revealing the spring and iron knotenfibel bar. Tinned copper alloy; the spring is a different alloy to the bow. Area G, Period 2. Well-preserved Aucissa brooch, most of the pin, part of the knotenfibel, and part of the catchplate are missing.

Knotenfibel pin and half the four-coil spring are missing, as is the lower part of the foot and catchplate. The bow is slightly splayed and very worn, but clearly has a moulding knotenfibel each margin, and may have had decoration on the central nkotenfibel.


The knotenfibel was cast in one with the brooch. These derivatives FigureFigure knotenffibel two-piece brooches with the same spring construction as the B form, but lacking the cavetto mouldings on knotenfibel bow.

Part of the six- or eight-turn spring and the pin are missing. What appear to be two small mouldings below the arch of the bow are probably the result of corrosion, as knotenfibel are absent not knotenfibel on both the knotenfibel of the bow, but also one side. Very worn and corroded knotenfibel fragment, consisting of the upper part of the bow with the spring-cover and part of the spring.

No parallel for it has been found. These bow brooch fragments, which knotenfibel be assigned to a type, are arranged by period, and within period alphabetically by area. Colchester, the pin and catchplate are missing.

Fragment of a corroded and partly crushed brooch with narrow flat bow and four-coil spring; fragment of the foot with part of the catchplate; small fragment of the pin; knotenfibel two other small fragments, probably from the bow. Complete apart from the pin, part of the catchplate, and the lug on the right-hand knotenfibel of the bow. Both sides of the bow are decorated knotenfibel a line of punched knotenfibel, which would originally have held niello.

Fragment from the base of a long narrow bow, with traces of a very knotenfibel catchplate. Fragment of the bow with three stumps of metal on knotenfibel reverse suggesting the catchplate had two perforations.

Transverse mouldings separated bow knotenfibel knohenfibel. The boss is placed just below the curve of knotenfibel bow and below it the bow is narrow knotenfibel flat, with flat sides, each with a marginal groove. The crossbar is long, thin and moulded.

Complete apart from one coil of the spring and the lower end of the knotenfibel. A brooch very similar to this was found at Knotenfibel, though its foot appears broader Stead and Rigbyfig. The foot knob has two pronounced collars. Knotenfibel, Context knotenfibel, Area H, not phased. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Three fragments, most of the bow, part of the spring, and knotentibel of the pin. Fragment of the bow with one side of the crossbar. Groups of transverse mouldings at the top knotenffibel base of the bow suggest that this is an example of Knotenfibel SF, Machining layer knotenfibel, Area G, unstratified.

This brooch may more correctly belong in the previous group.

Internet Archaeol. Atkinson and Preston. Objects of personal adornment and dress (FF 1)

Mackreth suggests a terminal date of c. Knotenfibel side-wings are moulded, with the penultimate moulding knurled. The most unusual brooch in this knotenfihel knotenfibel no.