Written well over a century ago, John Uri Lloyd was a visionary who spoke of far distant worlds, dead civilizations, other dimensions and in particular, a world few . Etidorhpa, by John Uri Lloyd, [], full text etext at : Etidorhpa (): John Uri Lloyd: Books. Etidorhpa and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more.

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It was not a re difficult read; many “classical” books and novels rank as more difficult to me, such as translated works by early English authors such as Shakespeare. I don’t want to spoil the read by telling how it ends, but I can tell you you’re in for a big surprise.

That day, like any day Etidorhpa was discussed, people wanted to know the same thing: I bought a used paperback version of this book at the Printer’s Row Book Fair, held in Chicago, one summer. A world hidden beneath our feet inside the earth. Books with missing cover.

The traveler reads from his own manuscript to our narrator, the writer. But never will you see the end. This book took me well over a year to finish. Although some of the insights within the book seem stranger and more accurate than the label fiction would allow.

Etidorhpa Index

After a short introduction of the author the fantastic story of I-Am-The-Man begins. Although the secret society is not named, the narrator is made to take an oath by raising his hand and repeating after a man who acts as his guide, “To all this I most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steadfast resolution to keep and perform my oath, without the least equivocation, mental reservation, or self-evasion whatever,” reminiscent of initiatory oaths of multiple degrees in Masonry.

They are too small to uro on. The journey of ‘I-am-the-man’ is a not-so-subtle allegory of spiritual progression to being a disembodied adept. When Etidorhpa was first published, init shocked those who knew him best. I must confess that reading this book, I was feeling very strange, in a sense of a mixture of efidorhpa and repulsion. This a quite a unique novel.

A little like the man himself. However, a number of the illustrations by J.

By the time he began questioning the scientific establishment, Lloyd dw a leading figure in the Eclectic Medicine movement, a stream of the healing arts that thrived in rtidorhpa 19th and early 20th centuries. But there was a place for the ideas that he was playing with: Actually, considering when it was written, the book seems fairly fresh and new. It becomes an inner journey of the spirit as much as a geographical trip through underground realms.

Much of the novel is a running argument between the doubting rationalist and his underground guide. He seems a thousand miles away, dreaming of eternal themes and all that unites the sassafras leaf with the dust of dead stars.

Fiction was a way to make an argument without having to stake your professional reputation on it. Whatever hidden cities, lost continents or subterranean kingdoms are promised, too many of them reveal a race of pompous individuals, usually clad in Greek, Roman or Egyptian attire with little variety to their civilisations unless their world is also populated by the odd monster or two.

Instead his captor’s plan to “annihilate you as a mortal being, and yet you will exist, suspended between life and death. Oddly enough I was looking up the Tricky Cad things recently to remind myself who did them.

Authority ruled with an iron hand, and the man who presumed to even question aloud, was likely to be crucified.

This may be the very source of the ‘adepts living in hollow earth who abduct humans’ meme, later developed by Ray Palmerand many others. The utopia inside Earth, isn’t ideal, but really unknown.

The Eclectics were taking on Big Pharma long before it was cool, or very big. The illustrations by J. Some have placed it in the category of Alice in Wonderland; where does the mind magic start and end? One of the strangest books I have read.

John Uri Lloyd: To Infinity And Beyond

Lloyd died injust days before his 87th birthday, and by then he was remembered fondly as both scientist and seer. Not again the Underworld of mythology. This is as much an edcational book as one written for pure entertainment.

To Infinity And Beyond.

Etidorhpa by John Uri Lloyd

Aug 04, Micah Dunlap rated it liked it. The jonn tells the story of two people: Cincinnati, home of the Eclectic Medical Institute untilwas a leading center for the discipline. If you are searching for something different, a novel unlike others, this is a very good choice.

He follows her [science] as lovers, romance; and children, the rainbow. As the sunlight hits the spectacles, she decants a loud cackle. Books by John Uri Lloyd.

And then things go south. He claimed to have photographed the Kentucky cave that serves as the entrance to the hollow earth in Etidorhpa. However, receiving a visitation from a ghost who can read his mind who tells him a story about journeying into a hollow lpoyd with a etidprhpa mockery of humanity gave him less cause for doubt than being informed that water can travel above its source.

Since Lloyd was a pharmacologist, his novel has provoked speculation that drug use contributed to its fantastic and visionary nature. In he moved to Cincinnati, a complicated crossing during the Civil War.