of rules and army lists, for the Epic Armageddon miniature ranges currently available from Specialist Games ELDAR – SWORDWIND. The Epic: Armageddon rulebook contains the core rules for the games, and army lists for Epic: Swordwind contains army lists for the Biel-Tan Eldar, the Baran. swordwind suppliment for epic 40k . The Swordwind relies on a single attack which uses surprise and the immense fighting skills and firepower of its Aspect.

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I’ve forgotten my password. This updated version was published in If you have any questions please ask. About Miniatures Miniatures are not toys and are not suitable for children under the age of This lot is for 2 Epic 40k 6mm Forgeworld Super Heavy tanks, not sure if they are original or recasts.

Titans and Super-Heavies now collectively War Engines armagedodn simplified to the point that their rules were contained entirely within six pages of the new swordwjnd rulebook. Personal tools Log in Request account. Unlike previous editions of the game and other games produced by Games Workshop, the development of the game was conducted in an open way with ‘trial’ rules published on the Epic ‘Playtest Vault’ and feedback solicited from gamers via the associated playtesters forum.


The biggest supplement for the game was called Codex Titanicus, which provided a medium for linking the Titan-based giant robot combat of Adeptus Titanicus with the conventional units vehicles and infantry of Space Marine 1st Edition. Quarter is for reference and is epif included.

Epic Cover of Current Epic rulebook. Titan Legions was notable for introducing the Imperial Emperor-class Imperator Titan and the Ork Mega-Gargantsall of which were immensely powerful and could constitute small armies in their own right.

Epic: Armageddon Swordwind

Apocalypse in the sense that they both centre around larger battlefields with a larger number of troops and vehicles in command, but the monetary investment is much smaller with Epic. The Imperator and Mega-Gargant are considered collectors’ items today the only other time swordwibd Games Workshop released them was as a “reward” in return for getting a yearly subscription to White Dwarf in the November issue.

Thank you for your time and for your patronage! Titans and Super-Heavies now collectively War Engines were simplified to the point that their rules were contained entirely within six pages of the new small-format rulebook. Epic Armageddon by and for the community. Games Workshop and Forge World both still offer a line of troops and vehicles, as well as classic pieces being sold cheaply on Ebay every day. Payment We only accept PayPal. They could be played as individual games or as a combined game.


Rules | Net Epic Armageddon

Spin-offs from this edition included the Epic Firepower magazine, an A5 magazine started in which ran for sworwdind issues the first of which contained reprints from Citadel Journal and White Dwarfthe Epic 40, magazine, an A4 magazine which picked up where Epic Firepower left off for 20 issues, and Final Liberation: Although the game does not feature animated graphics and it uses an old tried and tested turn based strategy formula, the game is a hit with the community.

Payment We only accept PayPal. If this item wsordwind incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. In addition to the original printed forms of the rulebook and Swordwind supplement, Epic’s official rules were made available for free by Games Workshop and occasionally updated with errata the printed books were never updated.

We thank you for your reasonable expectations and understanding of this issue. Epic Battles in the 40K Universe”. The official Epic Armageddon game rules and all of the errata. Games Workshop’s ‘studio’ army during this period was the Imperial Fists chapter, a departure from previous feature armies which usually depicted the Ultramarines or Blood Angels.

Epic Armageddon

Here’s a breakdown on what each PDF contains: Most of these issues can be easily repaired with a bit of patience and some glue. Though it was a failure for the company, designers Jervis Johnson and Andy Chambers still maintain that it was the best set of rules they ever conceived, as it was the game that most rewarded good tactics over luck and special abilities.

Space Marineanother miniatures and rules set for two opposing Space Marine armiesfollowed after in Miniatures may have sharp points or edges, and some may contain lead and must not be placed in the mouth or swallowed. Where Adeptus Titanicus included six plastic Titan models with swappable weapons and styrofoam buildings, Space Marine included alongside its sprues of infantry and vehicles folded card buildings with styrene roofs.

Check back often for the latest version. They were gradually phased out in later editions, though the current 4th edition has optional rules for them. We do our best to provide all our customers with excellent service and a pleasant eBay experience. The comparatively smaller size of the miniatures also allows players to use many of the larger vehicles and creatures of the Warhammer 40, universe, such as Titans and Super-Heavy Tanks, even in small games, whilst also allowing longer ranged weapons such as artillery to be more realistically portrayed.

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swordaind These armies are currently in development by teams appointed by Specialist Games, or have stalled in their development at the ‘experimental’ stage:.

A series of sculpts of Eldar Exodites, a Space Marine drop ship and other designs were made around the time of the Titan Legions debut, but were never officially released.

Epic Armageddon Rulebook w. Swordwind Rulebook Games Workshop | #

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As noted above, Epic became more streamlined during the third edition, in order to fit entirely within three relatively thin A5 rulebooks the Rulebookthe Armies Book and the Battles Book. By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience.

About Miniatures Miniatures are not toys and are not suitable for children under the age of One interesting feature of Epic: Includes plastic base with hit point counter inside of it. Probably the most destructive weapon for Armafeddon Titans.