Related Manuals for Draytek Vigor Series Network Router Draytek Vigor User Manual Network Router Draytek Vigor Series User Manual. You can register your Vigor router via Firmware. Draytek Vigor User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for. 19 Jun DRAYTEK VIGOR MANUAL PDF DOWNLOAD – Related Manuals for Draytek Vigor Series Network Router Draytek Vigor User Manual.

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Draytek vigor 2920 manual Unblock — the user will be blocked. Page TCP mmanual only; session timeout is configured for the data draytek vigor manual which matched with the firewall rule. Page Click this button to refresh the information listed below.

Draytek Vigor n Dual-WAN Security Router

And then, try again. Confirm Password When you click OK, the login window will appear. Firmware Version Display the date and time of the current firmware build. GigaLAN Connecters for local networked devices. You then will access the admin screen of by suffixing the IP address withe.

Item Description Enable – Check Enable to activate function of syslog. Drayte, the system pops up Reboot System web page after you configure web settings, please click Reboot Now to reboot your router for ensuring normal operation and preventing unexpected errors of the router in the future. Before configuring the settings on Vigor, you need to know which connection type that your IPv6 service used.

Such control also can be done based on preconfigured schedules. Page Click Enable to make this router serving as an access point; Access Point Function click Disable to cancel this function. PPPoE is used for most of modem users. No in red means such interface is not available. Select Request a Certificate. Click manaul draytek vigor 2920 manual to move the selected entry up or down.

As a draytek vigor 2920 manual of the public subnet, the Draytek vigor 2920 manual router will serve for IP routing to help hosts in the public subnet to communicate with other public hosts or servers outside.

Item Description Clear all profiles. Therefore, the router should be set as the gateway for public hosts. Later, if you need to extend the license valid time for maunal same service, you can draytek vigor 2920 manual use the Service Activation Wizard again to reach your goal by clicking the radio button of Formal edition with license key and clicking Next.

Type the new user password in the filed of Password and click Login.

Draytek Vigor2920 Series User Manual

Adjust the settings for your request. Page Please dial number typed in this field to call back to that one. There is another way to set up time.

Click Enable to viyor this router serving as an access point; Access Point Function click Disable to cancel this function. By the way, figor can set up to 10 service types.

Enter the Name of Index Class 2 by clicking Edit link. Page By default, this option is active. Certificate Management Remember to adjust the time of Vigor router before using the certificate so that you can get the correct valid period of certificate. At present, there are draytek vigor 2920 manual common types of intercommunication mechanisms: Page The speed-dial number of this index.

Schedule The clock will reset once if you power down or reset the router. draytek vigor 2920 manual

Download Manual for the Draytek Vigor

One is Bridge, the other is Repeater. The default setting is Auto Bigor, which means the web configuration system will logout after 5 minutes without any operation. Be a Registered Owner Web registration is preferred. You draytek vigor 2920 manual to visit DrayTek website periodically to check if there is any new released firmware offered for your Vigor router to have newest features.

Page Edit link of that one. Congestion tone will be shown automatically on the page. It is not available when both Draytek vigor 2920 manual interfaces are enabled. Gateway — Type the IP address of the gateway. This draytek vigor 2920 manual make the remote host seem to be working in the enterprise network. Page Congestion tone will be shown sraytek on the page.

Status Click the index number link to open the configuration page. To set the sound pattern of the phone set, simply choose a manal region to let the system find out the preset tone settings and caller ID type automatically.

The more precies your draytek vigor 2920 manual is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user. Vigor Series Network Router pdf manual download. Please visit This product is designed for 2. After that, in General Setup you may specify one set for call filter and one draytek vigor 2920 manual for data filter to execute first. The Port Redirection Table provides 20 port-mapping entries for the internal hosts. IP address to the WAN interface. Item Description Choose this option to have high security.

Below shows the items which are categorized under IM.