Forms 6i Interview Questions – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text Malinda_Oracle Report 6i Tutorials 1 . Interview Questions for Oracle D2K. This tutorial introduces the Oracle Developer and 6i suite of tools which include Oracle Forms , Oracle Reports , Oracle Graphics , Oracle Schema. Oracle Forms Developer and Oracle Reports Developer. Guidelines for Building Applications. Release 6i. January, Part No. A

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This is accomplished by pulling down the File menu and selecting the Connect fforms item. In a physical database design, a single Master record references one or more detail records in another table.

Procedure Builder – An integrated development environment to write and debug stored procedures program units for use in the Oracle database or in any of the Developer tools. Go back to the Object Navigator and select the “Data Blocks” tree. To do this, the user must query the database using the query capabilities that are built into every Oracle form.

Specify a frame title of “Departments” and select only 1 record to be displayed. Start up the Report wizard. Pull down the Program menu and select the Compile menu item.

Form-Like – Column headings on the left hand side with data values next to them on the right. At this point you may also specify the size and positioning of the LOV.

Pull down the Navigator menu and choose Create. If a form has errors e. Change the width of a field by clicking on the field. Detail Data Block – The name of the detail data block specified when the detail data block was created.

How to work with Oracle 6i Forms | Code Mustangs

Access to forms and reports is typically accomplished through menus. To generate or compile the menu module, pull down the File menu, click on the Ttutorial menu item and choose Generate from the flyout menu.

While in the Master block for Employees, scroll to an employee who has some dependents. A Company with many Branch Offices. The number of records displayed in a Tabular layout can be more than 1. To filter the record, “enter query” mode, specify the query parameters in the for,s and then “Execute Query”.

If you want the form to run without a menu, leave the Menu Module property blank. Once the new data block and items are created, the first dialog box in the Layout wizard will appear: If you are working on a form and wish to save formss under a different file name, follow the same steps as above, only select the Save As menu item in place of the Save menu item. Start Date Choose a Form layout. Forms do not affect the schema in terms of creating, dropping or enforcing database level referential integrity constraints.

The number of records displayed for a Form layout should be 1. The menu module must now be saved to a file with a. The user can navigate through the data in a block by pressing the up and down arrow keys to scroll between records. The next dialog box allows you to change the field labels and display widths for various fields in the report. In Oracle Forms, a record group is a query that returns some collection of records. Once the user makes a selection from the list, the value or values are returned to the form and placed in the appropriate fields.

Pull down the File menu, highlight the New menu item and then select the Menu menu item. The layout for a data block may be placed on any existing dk2. Then pull down the Navigator menu and choose the Create menu item. Leave a comment Filed under Oracle Forms. Contact your system administrator to learn the service name for your Oracle database and provide that information in the Database: Pull down the File menu, select New and then select Form.

POST- Trigger fires after an event is executed.

QUERY_PARAMETER built-in Oracle D2k / Oracle Forms 6i / 10g

Email required Address never made public. The advanced properties relate to how the r2k should be fetched for the LOV. By default, every form in Oracle Forms has the capability to 66i existing data in a table, modify existing data and add new data records to the table.

Select the lname, fname, empsex, empbdate fields as the “Group 1” fields. Drag the columns to add. Coordination – Deferred – Indicates when detail records should be queried when a master record is queried.