fxG Manual. BEFORE USING THE CALCULATOR FOR THE FIRST TIME (MB). Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted (MB). Chapter 2 Basic. User manual, users manuals, user guide, operating instructions. CASIO – Calculators. User manual, View FXG PLUS pdf User manual. Download. Please keep your manual and all information handy for future reference. Declaration of Conformity. Model Number: fxG PLUS. Trade Name: CASIO .

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Chapter 4 Graphing k k k k k Editing Functions in Memory u u u u u To edit a function in memory Example To change the expression in memory area Y1 from — 5 — 3 Displays cursor. Page 30 Chapter 8 Programming Description: Use pous and c to move the highlighting to the Line item. Jump Commands 7400v Programming Chapter 8 Example: You can use this menu to input mode changes into your programs. Chapter 4 Graphing 1.

Page 56 Casio fx 7400g plus manual 2 Basic Calculations Input a storage area number and then casio fx 7400g plus manual one of the following function keys to recall the corresponding graph function stored in that storage area. In the casio fx 7400g plus manual list, use f and c to move the caasio to the name of the program you want to recall.

This calculator is capable of drawing the following types of graphs. Internal operations use digit mantissa. Data Communications Chapter 9 You cannot send the following types of screens to a computer.

Page – Chapter 7 Statistical Graphs and Calcula Such text appears on the display during program execution, which means you can add labels to input prompts and results. Check to make sure that dasio power of both units is nanual. Page 34 Chapter 8 Programming Executing this program produces the results shown here.

The Else-statement is executed when the If-condition is false 0.

Chapter 6 List Function u u u u u To batch input a series of values 1. Page 4 Mamual 4 Graphing 4. Input the value you want into the new cell 4 in our example and press w. Got it, continue to print. Wipe off the surfaces of a new battery with a soft, dry cloth. Press m to display the Main Menu. casio fx 7400g plus manual


casio fx 7400g plus manual Programming Chapter 8 Executing this program produces the 74400g shown here. Use d or e to move the cursor to another list. While the general graph settings screen is on the display, use f and c to move the highlighting to the Freq item. Contents Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted Values greater than 10 less than 10are automatically converted to a 4-digit mantissa including nega- tive sign plus a 2-digit exponent.

Square brackets are used to enclose items that are op- tional. Don’t show me this message again. Press 1 YES to delete all the programs in the list or casio fx 7400g plus manual NO to abort the operation without deleting anything. If a file is password protected, a message appears asking for input of the password.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 38 Chapter 2 Basic Calculations Example To convert the result of the previous example to a decimal and then back to a fraction u u u u u To convert between proper and improper fractions Operation Mixed Fraction to Improper Fraction Conversion: Multiple programs can be stored under file names for casio fx 7400g plus manual recall and editing.

Page 26 Chapter 4 Graphing 2. In the set-up screen, specify the appropriate graph type for F-Type.

Fix Mode This mode lets you specify the number of decimal places to be displayed. Programming Chapter 8 Correlation coefficient cwsio k k k k Power Regression Graph P. Use fcd and e to move the highlighting around the lists. Statistical Graphs caeio Calculations Chapter 7 Now you can press f and c to view variable characteristics.

You can also see casio fx 7400g plus manual many bytes of memory are still available for storage.

fx-7400G Manual

Press 1 BOXand then use the cursor keys d, e, f, c to move the pointer to the location of one of the corners of the box you want to draw on the screen. Keep batteries out of the reach of small children.

Statistical graph regression coefficient and multinomial coeffi- cients To generate a table, you must first specify the variable range.