Brigham Young University Campus Map. Get or Share Directions To Any Building at BYU. Link to this map: 21 Jun A brief summary of the item is not available. Add a brief summary about the item. Web Mapping Application by geospatial_services. Created. pdf of a basic BYU-Idaho campus map. Click on the picture above to see a pdf file of the layout of the BYU-Idaho campus. (Click here for shuttle routes).

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Emma Lucy Gates Bowen donated money towards the building which was used byu campus map make the third floor the location of the Home Economics Program. The other main location for church meetings is the stake center on 9th east between the south end of Wymount and the rest of Campue campus.

Campus Maps

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Wyview Park. These contain all of the byu campus map and female apartments for the program. Building is a science building, primarily housing the offices and classrooms of the chemistry department. Named for Levi Edgar Young.

Follow University Parkway East for byu campus map 4 miles, through multiple traffic signals. The majority of resident meals are eaten in the area central building- the Cannon Center.

Later byu campus map war-surplus building no longer needed on the main campus were moved to this cite. This building was in the vicinity of what is now 6th South and University Avenue byu campus map Provo. Other buildings were built on this location. Keep left at the fork and go east on University Parkway. Taylorand Walter Stover.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This byu campus map was originally built byu campus map the engineering building. The sound stage was then rebuilt and after this the building contained 36, square feet 3, Housed College of Biology. It houses most of the offices and many classrooms of the David Byu campus map. The BYU Creamery Outlet and its related locations serve as grocery byu campus map for the campus and provides freshly made dairy products.

McKaya brother of David O. When it was first built the Jesse Knight Building was the business building. It was on the location where the Provo Tabernacle was later built. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The halls underwent a year renovation spanning from through Turn left north onto East, continue north about one mile to Campus Lane N. A outdoor classroom in South-western Utah. Added 4 locations Stanford Updates: We recently crossed reviews and I enjoyed reading every single one of them.

When the University Press Building was built in it was structurally joined with the adjacent B It was located at South on 1st East Street in Provo.

Located on Bulldog Boulevard North at the entrance of BYU, byu campus map booth was used as a location for giving information to campus byu campus map. Views Read Edit View history. The library’s LDS family history facility is the second-largest in the world. Added Middle Georgia State University! Description Looking for your school but don’t see it yet?

The Observatory Complex is located on the west side of Utah Lake. The rest of the list attempts to cover buildings that have been razed or sold.

List of Brigham Young University buildings – Wikipedia

Retrieved 25 August The building was designed with areas for the study of cooking, sewing, early byu campus map development as well as the psychology and sociology departments. McKay who also served as a general authority. Originally used as a residence hall.

Eyring was an acoustical physicist and dean of BYU’s College of Byu campus map and Sciences, the predecessor of about five of the current colleges. In the s its operations became more closely connected with other university functions.