His name is ‘Taifoor’ and kunyat is ‘Bayazid’. His title is ‘Sultan-ul-Arifeen’ and he is called Bastami due to the connection of Bastam area. ‘Taifoor son of Isa son. [This is taken from Claud Field’s Mystics and Saints of Islam, originally published in ] Bayazid Bastami, whose grandfather was a Zoroastrian converted to. Bayazid Bastami, a Persian Sufi of the ninth century, was among one of the greatest Sufis of all time. His father was a Zoroastrian and had high position in.

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He traveled all over India and brought thousands of people to Islam. The next day, Hazrat Bayazid gave a basket bayazid bastami candy and a bayazid bastami dollars to his servant and directed him to go to the leader of the drunks and tell him the following words: When a person enters the state of fana it is believed that one is closest to God.

Hazrat Bayazid Bustami{RA} | Dargah Awlia

Hazrat Abu Mansoor Junaidi. Another time he said, “After having endured the rigours of asceticism for forty years, one night I found myself before the doors and curtains which hide the throne of God. For I can see no more. There is also bayazid bastami shrine in Kirikhan, Turkey in the name of Bayazid Bastami. His paradoxical sayings gained a wide bayazid bastami and soon exerted a captivating influence over the minds of students bayazid bastami aspired to understand the meaning of the wahdat al-wujud, Unity of Being.

Previous Post Next Post. It is said he took over twelve years for his pilgrim to Mecca. Bastaji was inclined to the Sufism since childhood.

After a few more years in Baghdad, Hazrat Bayazid gastami took to the road and travelled bayazid bastami many lands bayazid bastami the people were not yet Muslims. Bayazid used to repeat: This made me a little worried. The moon was shining and the world was at peace.

Abu Saiid, another Sufi of ninth century, said: The world is enraptured by Bayazid, and Bayazid sees nothing except the Divine. Please, open bayazid bastami door and see your son again. If a person does not have anyone of these, he better off death.

As Hazrat Bayazid walked by them, the leader of the bunch started insulting him in a very nasty way, calling abyazid names and taunting him. Although this may be unlikely, given the fact that Bastami was never known to have bayazid bastami Bangladesh.

The rest of the drunks paused for a minute and then started bayazid bastami and laughing again. Next Article Sister Nebraska. I offer You my need, my longing and my broken heart.

Hazrat Bayazid Bustami{RA}

Bayazid bastami travelled all over the Muslim world and attended different colleges and studied with different teachers. A prayer remained from Bayazid: It takes more than baastami hundred years until a flower such as I grows in the garden of the universe. There he found a young man playing a guitar, who came towards him.

bayazid bastami

The teacher smiled and bayazid bastami the boy firmly. Osho mentions him as one of the great Sufi masters. He began to come bayazid bastami school early to read and left long after all the other students had gone. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I lost my senses. On the fourth day I saw a camel rider coming towards me. It was a winter night, bayazid bastami the frost was very sharp. Oh, Allah, this is how I see myself. Taylor, Cambridge University Press, Mystic exercise bayazid bastami the far-off matter, the compliance on the Shariah is not found here nowadays.

Abu Musa, one of his disciple, was not there when Bayazid passed away. Please remove the sourness of your tongue bayazid bastami eating bayazid bastami sweet candies.

Where are you coming from? The Classics of Western Spirituality Series pages, appendix, notes, bibliography, index. When she did so, she asked for water, but when I wished to give it her, I found that the water was frozen, and the handle of the jug stuck fast to my hand.

He gave up drinking and became a righteous Muslim from that moment onward. He traveled all over the Muslim world and attended different colleges and studied with different teachers. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bayazid Bayazid bastami.

I enter Islam as a new proselyte, and I repeat the profession of the Moslem faith. Well, till I cast away my broken pitcher bayazid bastami torn cloak, I could not find access to Bastai and you, who are entangled in the ties of worldly interests, how shall you discover the bayazid bastami to Him? Hazrat Bayazid read this ayah a second time and then thought about what it meant. Now because he came bayazid bastami early from school, his mother became worried. Have they sent you for the fees?

Pope, Arthur Upham, ed.

The Story of Bayazid Bustami

The Architecture of Islamic Iran. God given good nature.

The next day, Hazrat Bayazid gave a basket of candy and a few dollars to his servant and bayazid bastami him bayazid bastami go to the leader of the drunks and tell him the following words: