This is correct (when rounded) to 2 decimal places. Pythagorus. (c – BC). Theorem. (c. 8th century BCE) composed. Baudhayana Sulba Sutra., the best-. BAUDHAYANA (PYTHAGORAS) THEOREM It was ancient Indians been provided by both Baudhāyana and Āpastamba in the Sulba Sutras!. It was known in the Sulbasutra (for example, Sutra 52 of Baudhayana’s Sulbasutram) that the diagonal of a square is the side of another square with two times.

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BAUDHAYANA (PYTHAGORAS) THEOREM (World Guru of Mathematics, Part – 9)

The constructions in 2. Albert EinsteinNobel laureate, scientist and scholar. However it may be worth researching in history about the secret Mathematical?

He stayed with him until BC. This was the highest level of initiation and those seeking the knowledge of mysteries, divinity and transmigration of souls as well as philosophies and other world religions.

A History of Mathematics 2nd ed. These principles similarly agree with Ajivikas, Jaina and Buddhist traditions. Even for this blame the west and preach nobody can hurt us or take anything from us unless we allow others to do so, nothing but the double standards!

After breakfast, they took a solitary walk and went to the gymnasium for exercise. People say we always believed in sharing the knowledge hence we never patented it!

Martial arts like varma kalai born at India were the origin of other martial arts in the world. Which has pride in our hindu culture and which is not lost in the macaulay education system.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: Thus the foreign historians could not find the correct starting of our chronology so they fixed everything before bc to nearly bc. Lokesh Kumar November 3, Nair Vineethkrishnan August 7, Pages with citations lacking titles All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April The areas [of the squares] produced separately by the lengths of the bakdhayana of a rectangle together equal the area [of the square] produced by the diagonal.

Undoubtedly, he was also a man of science besides other expertise and tried to absorb various religious philosophies and knowledge of the ancient word and try to organize it in a way that would fit the model of Greek society. Sugra reviewed all their actions of the previous day and planned the coming day in full detail.

They were allowed their own possessions and were not required to be the vegetarians. He taught that when you attain that knowledge through the meditation you can hear the movements of the planets traveling through the universe.

As an example, the statement of circling the square is given in Baudhayana as:.

Baudhayana sutras – Wikipedia

India has been rich in culture, religion, tradition, science, literature and prosperity since ever it was found to be existed and before as well. You are commenting using your Facebook account. To elaborate, the shloka is suyra be translated as —. Where did that ancient wisdom gone? Now truth is not a concept baufhayana me, but a life.

I am really sorry for my comment is not scientific according to the west. In fact, the only relation that the historians have been able to trace it to is with Euclid, who again came many centuries after Pythagoras!

I am not tied with anything except facts claims and articles which I believe to be true.

The outer order or early first order of students lived in their own houses only coming to the institute during the day. Roger Pot Droit French writer and Philosopher: We should aim for getting out of this creation lest getting much entangled in this maya mirage. There was nothing about the place suggesting any secrecysince he make sure that the statue of Hermes Trismegistus stood at the inside of the entrance to the school with the words on the pedestal: They subla taught by Pythagoras himself and obeyed strict rules of his order.

He never shared his method as how he can translate a number or sequence of numbers within a formula in logarithmic scale through memory but it sure impressed all of us. Most of the western Greek Travelers came as far as Taxila of the North and went back. Cryptographic applications of primitive Pythagorean triples.

Help Center Find new research papers in: This is very similar to early Jaina order when women were permitted in early initiation, but in this order only the music was taught to the women as the term sutrra. This is an aspect of Vaastu Shastras and Shilpa Shastras. There is not a shadow of the doubt that the Greeks knew all about Indian Philosophy.

In either case, it states that the square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the sides.

ssutra Some of them wrote and we have the benefit and glimpse of the history by Herodotus. Writing started by Sumerians. Book four primarily refers to the yogic practices and penances along with offenses regarding marriage. Indian civilization overlapped with Sumerians and there was definite trade routes between the two civilizations.

He may be mixed origin part Greek and part others.

Baudhayana sutras

Yes, but still there should have been sources remaining which is why we know that these are there. We find rules for the construction of right angles by means of triples of cords the lengths of which form Pythagorean triages, such as 3, 4, and 5, or 5, 12, and 13, or 8, 15, and 17, or 12, 35, and The premise of Greeks visiting India before Alexander cannot be questioned as Alexander knew about India but he did not know what lies after India.

Please do not understand me as cristisising your post. This site uses cookies. You can contact me at yogeshtce gmail. Sukba ‘s rules for building right angles in altars use the following Pythagorean triples: