5 Sep Bichitra Natak (or Bachittar/Vichitra) (Gurmukhi ਬਚਿਤ੍ਰ ਨਾਟਕ (meaning Several translations in Punjabi, Hindi and English exist. The life. To continue to encourage those who wish to learn Gurbani, Bachitar Natak will be available freely on for streaming, and on. [English Katha on Sections of Bachittar Natak](Listen to Patna Sehar Bikhai Bhav Leyo – Selections of Bachitar Natak (English Katha Series) by.

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He was the son of the great sage Parasara and was connected with the families of Kaurvas and Pandvas. It is a matter of great regret and humiliation to write that for past about years we have not produced a single scholar to have thought deeply over the metaphors and the similes the Guru gave in just five verses, to have arrived at the correct conclusion.

Don’t get upset if translation doesn’t make too much sense, chances are its missing the context. You should have waited until the act was completed. As you have brought grief to me, while I was enjoying happiness, so shall the same happen to you.

This seems to be the reason why the poet provides his story with a. Personal tools Create account Log in.

natqk Bachittar Natak – A Strange Drama globalsikhstudies. Newer Post Older Post Home. Consider your house as a forest, and remain an anchorite at heart.

Firstly that he was a recluse or hermit doing penance at a place where King Pandu practiced jog union. Vidura himself was also born of a Sudra mother.

Flowers bloomed everywhere filling the woods with their gentle perfume, all the pools were full of lotus blossoms. Its insufficiency over part of the road, is a cumulative emphasis on the danger of descent.


The chapters are numbered at the beginning, but the title of each chapter is given at the conclusion, following the traditional Indian convention. We do not yet understand that the myths cannot be literally interpreted. From what I have heard from one or two local parchariks, they seem to take the accounts literally, which could be valid or a result of coming from a society grounded in Vedic understandings. You have listened to the recitation of three Vedas, and while listening to the fourth, you gave away your kingdom.

Part of a series on. Do you believe that the gurus were destined by a Hindu diety to recieve the guruship?

Bachitar Natak

The genealogy traces back from King Surya. The sodhi’s gave up the kingdom and retreated to the Forest.

Both were married to princess of Punjab. Madri, the second wife of king Pandu now expressed her desire to bear children. In other words, it was due to the blessing earned through the study of Vedas or the donation of kingdom to the reciter of Vedas, which was responsible for the reward of Guruship. Raja Pandu was not a saint, who ever meditated on God in these mountaneous area.

SikhiSearch: Meaning of Hemkunt in Bachitar Natak – Bhai Dalip Singh

Paste as plain text instead. As evident from the editorial notes at the end of the Chandi Charitra, Chaubees Avatars and Upavatar, they are all a part of Bachittar Natak.

The implication appears to be that the Divine has relevance for man only in its role in the human context. By associating with evil, one becomes evil minded. They thought that Guru became engaged in other affairs. To what extent, I should narrate the story? To display this content, you need a JavaScript capable browser. Lava founded Lahore and Kusha founded Kasur city. Kunti remembering her Mantra invoked the god of justice.

The Yogis on the other hand go to bachitar mountaneous areas, there they search for a suitable cave to live in, and the place should be near some water spring, to meet with their water needs. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.