ANSYS Mechanical APDL Command Reference – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. ansys apdl. 29 Aug One of the most powerful things about ANSYS Mechanical is the fact The arguments are explained in the Command Reference in the help. 1 Apr Welcome to the Command Reference. This reference contains a complete dictionary of detailed command descriptions, arranged in.

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LARC – Defines a circular arc. CYCPHASE – Provides tools for determining minimum and maximum possible result values from frequency couplets produced in a modal cyclic symmetry ansys command reference.

CSKP – Defines a local coordinate system by three keypoint locations. It also has control logic, functions and other capabilities that you find in most scripting languages. Ansys command reference – Creates a conical volume centered about the working plane origin. ASBL – Subtracts lines from areas. ADGL – Lists keypoints of an area that lie on a parametric degeneracy.

KSLL – Selects those keypoints contained in the selected lines. L2TAN – Generates a line tangent to two lines. DSYM – Specifies symmetry or antisymmetry degree-of-freedom constraints on nodes. MODE – Specifies the harmonic loading term for this load step.

But how do you get access to the more obscure ansys command reference AL – Generates an area bounded by previously defined lines. Mapping Processor Commands 2. SSPD – Specifies a preintegrated bending stiffness for shell sections. DSYS – Activates a display coordinate system for geometry listings and plots.

Every action you take in the old GUI is converted into a command and stored in the jobname. SMAX – Forms an element table item from the maximum of two other items. It is a truly parametric command language in that you can replace most values in commands with parameters. The arguments are explained in the Command Reference in the help. For many older users this is not a problem ansys command reference we grew up using the text commands.

SOLU – Specifies solution summary data per substep to be stored. ansys command reference

PLST – Plots sound power parameters vs. NSLL – Selects those nodes associated with the selected lines.

This is the single most awesomely useful command in APDL. SMIN – Forms an element table item from the minimum of two other items.

If you issue an Rsference and get say the nodes on the top of your part that you want to apply a load to. APTN – Partitions areas. TIMP ocmmand Improves the quality of tetrahedral elements that are not associated with a volume. R — RMODIF If you define an elements formulation with options on the ET command, and the material properties on the material commands, where do you specify other stuff like shell thickness, contact parameters, or hourglass stiffness?

QUAD – Generates a quadratic line of nodes from three nodes. LSLK – Selects those lines containing the selected keypoints. LSTR – Ansys command reference a straight line irrespective of reefrence active coordinate system. You ansys command reference view it in a text editor, or even better, ansys command reference PeDAL. HFSYM – Indicates the presence of symmetry planes for the computation of acoustic fields in the near and far field domains beyond the finite co,mand region.

DIG – Digitizes nodes to a surface. EDPL – Plots a time ansys command reference load curve in an explicit dynamic analysis. TYPE – Sets the element type attribute pointer. DUMP – Dumps the contents of a binary file. MAP – Maps pressures from source points to target surface elements. CS – Defines a local coordinate system by three node locations.

20 APDL Commands Every ANSYS Mechanical User Should Know

VINV – Finds the intersection of volumes. UPGEOM – Adds displacements from ansys command reference previous analysis and updates the geometry of the finite element model to the deformed configuration. LINV – Finds the intersection of a line with a volume.

LDIV – Divides a single line into two rwference more lines.

PTXY – Defines coordinate pairs for use in polygons and prisms. LCSL – Divides intersecting lines at their point s of intersection.

ANSYS Mechanical APDL Command Reference | Mechanical Engineering

MMF – Calculates the magnetomotive force along a path. VA – Generates a volume bounded ansys command reference existing areas.

EGEN – Generates elements from an existing pattern. The idea of entity selection is fundamental to APDL. DVAL – Defines values at enforced motion base.