“Gripping a first-rate nail biter.”. —Tampa Tribune. James Rollins—the author of. Amazonia by James Rollins – book cover, description, publication history. The use of mass market originals as a farm team for hardcovers has lost popularity, but still works occasionally, as with Rollins, whose three.

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The use of mass market originals as a farm team for hardcovers has lost popularity, but still works occasionally, as with Rollins, whose three mass markets Deep FathomExcavation and Subterranean displayed a flair for brawny adventure within an exotic locale—a flair put to good use in his hardcover debut.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The science involved was absolutely fantastic, and I loved every second of it. Fortunately, the friend who recommended it who has never steered me wrong knew better as this was an exciting experience.

Aug 28, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: An investigative team finds the bones of a Neanderthal woman as well as an elaborate cave painting depicting an immense battle between Neanderthal tribes and monstrous shadowy figures. Does two make a trend?

Amazonia by James Rollins

I bought this book because the amaazonia has a reputation for weaving geography into his writing, and being a geographer myself, I wanted to see how well geographic themes worked. Photographs of the corpse and fingerprints reveal that the arm has grown back perfectly.

I’ve known intellectually the value of the plant roloins in the Amazon but this was a fascinating education. I highly recommend this book to any science fiction or adventure lovers.

The Rand scientific expedition entered the lush wilderness of the Amazon and never returned. This story is a mixture of genres: One amazpnia the members from that expedition suddenly showed up in one of the villages and died soon after. With a setting like the Amazon, Jamse has plenty of exciting and challenging things to include in the book, and he manages to pack solid the pages of his novel.

Rollins also melds together many current themes, cancer research, deforestation, the loss of biodiversity and the impact on disease research, and the treatment of native peoples.

However, this crime hides a deeper secret. Of the 4 I read, this one was my least favorite, because it wasn’t as fun and interesting as the others. But even Tylar’s skill and magic cannot save the Citadel of Tashijan, ancient Shadowknight headquarters, for something follins lies at the heart of their Order.

Amazonia by James Rollins

Meanwhile, in the British Museumgollins private collection is destroyed; the cause can not be explained. President Gant’s family is revealed to be a driving force behind the Guild, with their bloodline stretching back for centuries.

Henry Conklin discovers a year-old mummy that should not be there. They were fun, action packed, interesting, and just on the verge of fantasy I’m really glad I read this book. Also, the animals all share jamees heightened intelligence.

The rest of the novel follows a group of scientists and U. The book also marks the apparent death of Dr.

James Rollins – Wikipedia

Sadly the books is very very cinematic at some places. After an Alaskan game warden rescues a man from a crashed plane and saves him from subsequent attack by foreign soldiers, his ex-wife’s piloting skills take them all to the man’s intended destination, a US research base on the Arctic ice, set up following the discovery by advanced ice-penetrating sonar of a derelict Russian scientific base buried within a massive iceberg, Ice Station Grendel, where the personnel all died decades earlier.

Once the fifth is done, the entire series is slated for publication, each book coming out 6 months apart, starting with a re-release of the first two. Of course, view spoiler [Nathan lived, the villain got killed, they found the cure for the disease, and everyone lived happily ever after. After being decimated during the invasion of Iraqthe floodgates have been opened for the smuggling of hundreds of exotic birds, mammals, and reptiles to Western nations.

Yes, all those things. Rollins refers to secret codes used by Thomas Jefferson and Lewis. Preview — Amazonia by James Rollins.

What he uncovers reveals a frightening truth in the present and a future on the brink of annihilation. The Rand scientific expedition entered the lush wilderness of the Amazon and never returned. Return to Book Page.

I started writing during my lunch hour at the clinic—dogs barking, cats meowing—so now I can write anywhere. Project Amazonia included a team of scientists, U.

James Rollins

View Prev View Next. What I really liked about this story Aside from the nail-biting excitement from not knowing what new fresh hell lay around the next bend, the story was rich with cultural lore and botanical insight. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nathan Rand, an expert on the jungle whose parents died in an expedition to find the Blood Jaguar tribe.

Both sides know the station contains vastly important scientific secrets, worth fighting for, but neither side knows quite how the other will fight, or how Grendel itself will complicate matters.

Failed Shadowknight Tylar witnessed the death of a god, whose blood healed his deformities but branded him a Godslayer and a hunted criminal. Losses, Journeys, and Ascensions: The action started on the first page and it never let up.

The main character is Nathan Rand Whose father died while on a rollnis expedition to the Amazon. Your purchases will automatically appear on all your devices.